We started our weekend with going to dinner at Rachel’s grandparents for dinner Friday night. We had pork roast with all the fixings and cake for dessert. Saturday we went to check cows together and we had a new calf. Then we headed to our nephews birthday party at the bounce house. He got a Stretch Armstrong that I think we had more fun with than he did. We ended the evening with a date night going out to eat dinner and came home and stared watching a new TV show together.

Snow & Igloo

With Missouri weather it can be 70 degrees one day and then snow the next, which always keeps things interesting. We had quite a bit of snow and ice last week- so I (Rachel) worked from home the second half of the week. Life on the farm when the weather is bad, is extra work and for us we were not having the best of luck. We went to feed cattle Thursday and our spike that you have to lower on the feed truck to get the hay off froze up once we got to where we were going, then a gate chain was frozen shut. Needless to say, it took some extra time! Ha. Finally, Saturday after feeling a little stir crazy from being cooped up we got out for a date night. A small winery that is about 30 minutes from us just opened up some little “igloos” that fit 6 people so we went with some friends and had great food & laughs. Sunday we went to church & then met my parents, sister & little niece and nephew for lunch.

At work we decided it would be a fun to do a group activity once a quarter. We headed for our first outing yesterday after work- axe throwing! It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be AND I won our game! Since I won, I get to pick our next activity & I am thinking a Monopoly night would be fun. They also had this cute little baby sugar glider (had no idea what that was until yesterday-see picture) that I got to hold. He was sooooo soft! After we got done with that- my nephew had a basketball game so Josh met me in town and we watched him play. He has so much fun and we love watching him-he’s gotten so much better since the beginning of the season!

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