As we enter the new year, it is filled with hope as we pray that this will be the year we adopt our baby! Our adoption journey has been filled with twists and turns as we have learned so much about what adoption means. We were like most hopeful adoptive couples I imagine, at first looking at the different types of adoption-foster to adopt, international, domestic, domestic infant adoption, etc. We quickly decided that domestic infant adoption was the right path for us- but had no idea the vast number of adoption agencies, lawyers, websites, etc were out there. We learned so much about the importance of open adoption, and are hopeful for that type of relationship with our child’s birth family. I think the biggest thing that I have realized is how adoption is not an event, but rather a part of our future child’s identity and that is something that will require us to adapt through the years. It is easy to get caught up in the desire to become a parent, but so important to me to maintain high ethical behavior and work only with ethical agencies/lawyers/marketing companies. We have had to say no to potential opportunities after realizing that either they weren’t doing what was best for the expectant mothers, or for the adoptive parents. I really have a passion to at some point try to establish some type of system to help both expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents find ethical resources and hopefully shut down some of the unethical ones. We will see what the future holds!

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  1. Saving Our Sisters seems to be a good place for both people that want to adopt and mothers that need someone to turn to, and they can help with the paperwork. I don’t want to put the link and risk going to file 13 folder, but if you want to reach out you can or look at the resource page on my site it is listed.

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