About Us

Hi, we are Josh and Rachel from southern Missouri where we have a farm where we raise calves, which is such a fun experience. (We farm on the side, also have day jobs) We are so excited to welcome our first child together into our hearts and home! We have been married about 5 years and can’t wait to have a little one running around the farm, playing with our dogs Charlie and Zori, and to light up our everyday lives! Josh has two sons, Jake (20) and Sy (18) and although they don’t live with us we do see them a lot and are involved in their lives. We are a Christian couple & have a big extended family that all live within 20 minutes so we have a big support system. Our child will have plenty of kids to play with as several friends have babies right now and we have a little niece and nephew who can’t wait to meet their cousin!

Our Home

We live in a rural area in southern Missouri where you won’t hear traffic, but instead the sound of farm animals. We have about 120 acres and our land has mostly open fields where you can run and play but also some woods for a quick adventure. We look forward to filling up the yard with play houses, slides and swing sets. Inside our three-bedroom home, we have an open floor plan where we can cook and still socialize and watch a child play. We spend most of our time in this area whether it is eating or watching a TV show together. To us, our home is a place our child will always feel comfortable and where we can form lasting memories as a family.

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